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download What kind of license is it? A commercial license, or a free trial license? ~~~ hrjet This is a free trial. ------ farslan Here is my transcript from the webinar: [ tango24 tylerlong's transcript is gold Effects of bilateral carotid artery ligation and subsequent ipsilateral carotid artery recanalization on cerebral blood flow in the rat. The effect of bilateral carotid artery ligation on cerebral blood flow was investigated in the rat. After ligation of the left carotid artery, cerebral blood flow was reduced to 63% of baseline in the striatum, hippocampus and olfactory tubercle, whereas after ligation of the right carotid artery cerebral blood flow was reduced to 52% of baseline in these regions. When the ligated left carotid artery was recanalized 72 h later, cerebral blood flow was increased to 81% of baseline in the olfactory tubercle and striatum, but remained unchanged in the hippocampus. No recovery of blood flow was detected in any of the brain regions examined when the right carotid artery was ligated and recanalized. Ipsilateral carotid artery recanalization did not increase blood flow in the regions examined. These results suggest that the impairment of blood flow is caused by reduced cerebral blood flow rather than vasodilation.from functools import partial from typing import Tuple from django.utils import timezone from login.forms import PasswordResetForm from login.models import Profile from login.signals import password_reset_sent from.forms import PasswordResetForm from.forms import PasswordResetFormSuccess from.forms import PasswordResetSuccess from.models import PasswordResetConfirmation, PasswordResetError, User from.views import create_profile, activate_user, deactivate_user, activate_user_session class PasswordReset(PasswordResetForm, PasswordResetSuccess, PasswordResetError): """ Password reset template. def __init__(self,

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